9 Untold Reasons Why Blogger is better than WordPress?

When it comes to starting a bog,there are two major platforms to start your blog - Blogger & wordpress.

But the biggest question is which one is better?

Well, it totally depends on your needs. Blogger is great for beginners But if you want to do it more professionally then wordpress wins the race. 

Even most of the professional bloggers started their journey with free blogspot blog.

This Post isn’t an in-depth comparison between blogger and wordpress. In this post, I will cover 9 points why blogger is better than wordpress.

No doubt, Blogger is best for you if your just getting started with blogging. Because most of the things you will learn and understand experiencing like writing good articles as well as it’s absolutely free and easy to understand. Here, I’ve explained 9 reasons why blogger is better than wordpress.

9 Reasons why blogger is better than wordpress 

why blogger is better than wordpress

1. Absolutely Free

You know what? Website speed affects ranking ! and Hosting is one of the biggest speed factor.

So, The Problem is that most of the beginners can’t afford good hosting. 

Then, blogger is the best option to choose because it provides you one of the fastest hosting on the planet absolutely free.

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2. Fast Indexing 

Believe me or not,

As Far as I’ve experienced that Google indexes Blogger websites faster than wordpress.


Okay, that’s whatever i’ve experienced. It may be different for you or anyone else.  Let me know in the comment box what you think about it. 

3. Easy to understand

Blogger comes with simple looking dashboard that's really easy to understand. you can say it is like noob friendly that's super easy & comfortable to customise it.  You can quickly customize & design your blog elements. 

So, One can easily master it and customize possible things. And also, you’re not required to any special technical skill. This is also true that you can only do limited customization in blogger.

4. No tension of security

As you all know that Blogger is a product of Google. So, you don’t need to worry about your website’s security.

& if your website is hosted on wordpress then must read this post to improve your website’s security changing login url.

5. One click Backup -

This is one of the best thing of blogger. You can easily backup all your published post only with one click. 

That’s why ,

You can easily import it anywhere you want like in future you can easily migrate it to wordpress.

6. Best Uptime  -

In case, your website gets huge traffic at a time then most of the time your site will down. 

That’s Frustrating ..! Right?

But when it comes to blogger, It doesn’t apply. It provides you the best uptime. So, you can say it’s also the best option for event blogging.

7. Free and effective Spam control -

In wordpress, there are various plugins that you can use to avoid spam comments. Even the better one are paid. 

But as already mentioned 'free' word, Blogger has it’s inbuilt spam control system that automatically prevent spam comments. So, you don’t have to care about it. 

8. Integration of multiple accounts - 

If you have more than one blog, it’s really easy to mange all your blogs  with one dashboard in blogger.

If your all blogs are associated with one email address, blogger allows you to manage and view all blogs in a dashboard. That makes your work really easier. 

9. Free Templates -

There are plenty of free templates which are really well optimized and amazing that you can simply use on your blog. 

Whether we talk about wordpress there are many free themes available but generatepress is only the free theme that i personally like. Most of the better themes like newspaper, genesis are paid. 

Here some best seo optimized & premium looking blogger template that you can use on your blog  for absolutely free - 

  • Sora one 

  • Flexzine 

  • Notable 

  • Sensational

  • ideasmag

Pros & Cons of Blogger 


  • Absolutely Free 
  • Easy to understand 
  • High Level Security
  • Speed & Best Uptime  
  • Portability
  • Best for Beginners !


  • Limited customization
  • Limited Control
  • Very Basic 
  • Lack of SEO optimization

Final words 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against the wordpress. As already mentioned above, WordPress is better if you want to do it professionally. Because Blogger has some limitations like customizations But wordpress allow you to make your blog as you wish.  

& Also In wordpress, there are too many plugins that makes your work much easier and helps in seo. 

By the way, this doesn’t matter which platform you are using. It depends on you how you configure your website for search engines. 

Blogger is Great for Beginners But if you want to do it more professionally, wordpress wins the race. #blogging #digitalmarketing

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At the end, I would like to say it totally depends on your need which platform is better one?

If you are just getting started and your intension is to only bog and not to design like a bride. Again, Go for blogger later you can shift to wordpress. 

Because, it takes time to understand things like writing good articles, choosing keywords etc.. So, you are not going to make dollars in starting then why you will purchase hosting, domain etc..  that’s why blogger is better than wordpress for beginners.

Once you understand all things you can shift  to wordpress.

I’m curious to know which platform you are using right now, Let me know in the comment box. & also join our facebook group by clicking below given button. 

So, I hope you liked this post then don’t be lazy to hit the share button..!

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