SEMrush Affiliate Program (BeRush) Review: Earn 40% Lifetime Recurring commission!

Are you an affiliate marketer and looking to explore more digital products that pay the recurring commissions?

Or while searching for affiliate products related to your niche to monetize your blog.

You founded the SEMrush affiliate program (Berush)! Maybe you already know or use semrush and want to know more about its affiliate program.

or anything else.. but if you want to know about the berush affiliate program then you’re at the right place ..!

Here, In this blog post, I’m going to review the semrush affiliate program ( also know as BeRush).

it’s considered as one of the best affiliate programs that pay recurring commission. So, is it really? Let’s Find out-

First of all, you need to know what is semrush and Berush, right?


SEMrush is a leading all in one marketing tool across the world endorsed by many internet marketing gurus . it's one of most popular ( if not the most) tool in digital marketing space. 

Even, it is used by Big brands like booking, ebay, vodafone, etc... as well as small businesses too.  In fact, I mainly use it to find profitable keywords fast. 

So, What it offers ?

It comes with awesome features like - 

  • A complete SEO toolkit ( One suite for entire SEO workflow)
  • Advertising Toolkit to analyze & improve your google ads campaign
  • Social media toolkit to manage & track your all social profile
  • Content marketing toolkit to help you create excellent content quickly and easily.
  • Competitive research toolkit to analyze your competitors and spy their strategies

I will highly recommend you to grab semrush free trial to understand it practically.

Now, what is berush?

semrush affiliate program (aka Berush)

Berush is an affiliate program By semrush. In simple words, it’s a semrush affiliate program that allows us to make money by promoting semrush.

So, don’t be confused when I say berush or semrush affiliate program because both refers to the same.

How BeRush works?

The Process is pretty simple.

How berush works

Step 1. You join Berush.

Step 2. Start promoting Semrush through your blog/youtube channel etc.

Step 3. Earn 40% Recurring every time you make a sale.

Pretty Cool! Right? it's as simple as that

Remember, Promoting SEMRush on gambling adults or coupon websites is strictly not allowed

Target Audience to Promote SEMrush -

Can you a sell a comb to a bald? of course not !! So, It's necessary to ensure that you're promoting it to the right audience. 

Luckily, You can promote semrush to a wide range of audience as it comes with many features/ tools that multiple problems like keyword research. fixing your website's seo, competitor research and so on..

For SEMrush, the ideal customers can be -

  • Small Business Owners
  •  Established Brands & authority sites 
  • Digital Marketing or SEO agencies 
  • Professional Bloggers
  • Freelancers
  • E-commerce Stores 

Now, Let's talk about money- 

How can you earn money with Berush?

You get multiple opportunities to make money by promoting semrush.  We don’t only get paid on referring the sale. Here are 3 ways you will make money promoting semrush. 

Earn 40% recurring commission every time you make a sale -

In case if you don’t know what is recurring commission so let me explain you in brief -

Recurring commission means that you’ll not only get paid once on referring a customer but you will get paid every time when your referral renews the product until he stops paying for it.

Super Cool! Later in this article, you’ll also learn some tips to promote semrush effectively.

BeRush Contest, A great opportunity -

BeRush runs monthly contests and time to time big contests too with big prizes like MacBook or $1000 etc..

For Example, As of now, there’s a big contest is going on where you have chances to win $1000, $500, or $200 by creating content regarding semrush content marketing toolkit.

semrush big contest

In Monthly contests, It provides a theme to write an article on and selects the best article submitted. Winners get $100 directly to their BeRush Wallet.

The requirements to join berush contests are pretty simple -

  1. You must be a berush affiliate 
  2. Your content should be 100% original
  3. If it's in written format, it should be at least 1000+ characters long. 

In a nutshell, it’s the best way to generate first revenue from the semrush affiliate program.

Incredible Bonuses and incentives -

SEMrush also offers you time to time bonuses and incredible incentives to make more money with a semrush affiliate program.

For instance,  Berush is currently running the Prize pool of $12,000. Not bad, right?

So, Saying this will not be wrong that there’s a lot of potential in the berush affiliate program to generate a huge amount of revenue.

To give you an idea of revenue potential  and little motivation, Here's income screenshot of anil agarwal sir who is one of the top BeRush affilialte and has has been featured on it's homepage.

bloggerspassion income report

As You can see in the image, Anil Agarwal started promoting semrush in starting of 2016 and has made over $280k so far.  

Like Anil, there are many berush affiliates who are generating thousands of dollar every month.

Sounds interesting !!


What’s the minimum payout and How often we get paid?

The minimum payout to withdrawal money is only $50 for Paypal but to get paid by wire transfer, you need at least $1000 balance in your BeRush Account. ( That’s huge ..)

In starting, prefer paypal over wire transfer so you don't need to wait for a long. 

Once You have a minimum payout balance, you get paid twice a month. ( 10th and 25th of every month).

5 Reasons/Benefits why should you join BeRush Affiliate Program? (SEMrush affiliate program Features)

These are some important features of berush affiliate program. However, I'm highlighting only some of the top benefits of being a semrush affiliate. 

40% Lifetime recurring commission -

As I mentioned above in this article you earn 40% recurring commission on every sale your refer. (as usual 20-40% in saas products).

So that you can make a handsome amount of passive commission every month. The amount of commission is really good and also the other opportunities to make more money mentioned earlier in this article.

SEMrush comes with 3 Plans. Here’s a commission structure on every plan.













SEMrush offers 16% offer on annual payments so if your referral go for annual plans then you'll get commission according to that. 

For Example, if one purchases pro plan for a year, it will cost $999.36 and you'll get $399.74. 

If You can refer to bigger plans like guru or business then you will generally earn higher amount of commision. 

P.S. - Even if you refer a person to pro plan and next month he upgrade to guru then you will earn according to guru next month. HUH, Sounds amazing!

Amazing Support -

I’m literally impressed by the berush support team for affiliates. They are always ready to help you in all possible ways to promote semrush effectively and solve your queries.

Frankly Speaking, They are really very supportive to their affiliates.

Whenever, I've any query, doubt or need any type of help. I just email support team immediately. 

Well Known Brand and Awesome Product to promote - 

Doesn’t matter how effectively you promote a product, you will never be able to generate enough sales if the product isn’t good, reliable and doesn’t solve your reader’s problem.

SEMrush is already one of the most popular SEO tools and has been endorsed by many top online marketers.  As of Now, They have over 6 million active users across the world.

users of semrush

Even the big brands/companies like boooking, vodafone, ebay, quora , hp use & recommend semrush. 

As it's already an established brand & has a good reputation in industry, it's easier for you to market it get better conversions. 

First Cookie win & 10 years extremely long cookie Life- 

It offers you first cookie win model that means if you referred a person first time to semrush website then you will get a commission when he makes a purchase even if he went through anyone else’s link next time.

And, 10 years of cookie life is also unprecedented and it's much longer than any other affiliate program. 

So, if you send a user today to semrush website with your affiliate link then a cookie file will be stored in his browser and if he purchase any plan anytime within 10 years, you will get your commission. Awesome ! 

Contests, A great opportunity - 

BeRush monthly and big contests are a great opportunity to start making money with semrush affiliate program. If you really create awesome content, you will definitely win. (maybe not the first time). 

These contests allows you to get paid by berush affiliate program even if you don't make any sale but your content is awesome. 

Exclusive Promo  Materials - 

You can find exclusive promo materials in various languages that make it easy to promote semrush. Apart from Links, you can also get banners, widgets, ebooks, courses, and so on. 

Let me show you directly in berush -

1. Links & Landing Page -

semrush promo material

In this section , you will find various links pointing to vary ladning pages of semrush. 

For Example, if you're talking about backlink audit then you can link to semrush's backink audit feature page.  it has landing pages about almost evry important features.

The cool thing about it that you can refer to free trial page using CTAs like Try it for free. 

2.  Banners -

semrush promo material

Here, you can see many different types of awesome banners that you can place easily place on your website strategically e.g. - on sidebars, within posts, after blog post sections etc..

3. Ebooks & Courses -

Ebooks and Courses are one of the best way to promote semrush.  But Don't worry ..! 

SEMrush has already done this job for you.  You can promote it's ebooks or free courses and earn commission if someone purchase it. 

Also, You can even get $100 bonus if you can send 100 students to free keyword research training by greg gifford. 

4.  Widgets -

semrush promo material

Widgets can also give you a good conversions if placed on relevant places.  For instance, while talking about site audit, you can embed site audit widget and people will really type their domains like crazy. 

5. Offers & Campaigns - 

In this section, You can check if there's any offer that you can promote to your audience.  and in campaigns, you will find out some evergreen and some events campaigns to promote semrush. 

You don’t need a website or blog necessarily 

Though Blog is one of the best ways to promote affiliate products but it’s not necessary to have a website in order to promote semrush. You can also Promote it using videos, social media like youtube, etc.

Timely Payment Twice a month - 

The minimum payout amount for paypal is $50 and $1000 for wire transfer. Once you reach the minimum threshold, you will get paid on the 10th and 25th of every month.  Therefore, you don’t have to wait much to get your comission in your account..   

Enhance your knowledge with it's education hub -

You will probably agree with me if I say that promoting a product is really hard if you don't know how to exactly use it and leverage full potential. 

Also, if you are not using right strategies to promote semrush, you may not generate sufficient sales. Right? 

semrush education hub

SEMrush does a admirable job here too !  You can find various blog posts, webniars , and videos in education hub to learn to makret semrush and use it effectively.

Side Note :  We expect BeRush to add more content/ training materials to help new affiliates drive more sales. We can't say there's much content about affiliate marketing. 

Things You May Not like about Berush - 

No doubt, SEMrush offers an awesome affiliate program and the only major downside I feel is its “first cookie win”. However, in some cases, it’s beneficial only if it’s on your side.

Imagine, you convince a visitor to buy semrush with your great content that requires your lots of efforts and time.

But someone else earns the commission just because he used his link to visit semrush first time even his content was poor and not able to satisfy the reader that’s why he came across your article.

it really hurts…. Right?

P.S. - if you don’t like first cookie win Policy then you can join the semrush affiliate program through Shareasale. In that case, last-click attribution will be applied and you’ll earn $100 fixed per sale. ( No recurring commission)

Another thing that may disappoint you if you’re running a coupon website then, unfortunately, you’re not allowed to promote semrush.  ( In fact, It’s not a drawback at all.)

How to Join the semrush affiliate program within 5 minutes?

The signup process is pretty straightforward. The Best Part? all applications are pre-approved so you can get started within few minutes.

Just Go to and click on “Join Now” Button.  And Fill the basic details they ask like name email and password.

Here's How simple the registration form looks like - 

berush signup form

And then confirm your email.

That’s it, Congrats on being a Berush affiliate.  Enjoy it's speedy signup process !!!

5 Proven ways to Promote semrush effectively and get more sales 

Joining an affiliate program is the first to step and actually getting sales is another. I agree, Driving sales to an affiliate product aren’t that easy when you're specially new.

Here are some 5 easy ways to effectively promote semrush and earn commission-

1. Write an insightful review -

Believe me, Review Posts converts like a charm.  But if you want to write an insightful and comprehensive review, it’s necessary that you use it yourself and better know about it.

Don’t worry!

Click this exclusive link and enjoy semrush free for 7 days. So, you’ll be able to write a good review after using it. Checkout this guide to write killer product review post by authority hacker. 

2. Explain to your readers how it will help your audience/ or solve the problem - 


People don’t buy products, they buy solutions.

So, if you can explain your readers how it will help them or solve a problem, you can easily sell them.

For example, if your target audience is bloggers then you can teach them how semrush can grow their search traffic and revenue or how they can easily find profitable keywords without spending much time.

3. Share your case study - 

A case study is also a great idea to drive more sells and it really converts well. you can show that how semrush helped you increase your search traffic, revenue, or anything else & How your readers can do the same using semrush.

When they will see a live example, they are more likely to invest in semrush.

Plus Point, case studies can help you to acquire more high-quality links.


Resource page is simply a page on your website where you list all tools/products that you use and recommend to your audience. 

if you've still not created a resource page, you may be missing some good sales.  Also, you can refer someone to this page directly when someone asks you any recommendation. 

For demo, you can check out our page or this by SmartPassiveIncome. 

5. Offer Extended Free Trial -

SEMrush usually offers a 7-day free trial. Once you start driving some sales to semrush, you can ask them to offer an extended free trial for your readers.

This way, your visitors will prefer to signup through your links and your conversion rate will skyrocket significantly. 

I would also recommend you to watch this official video on How to market SEMrush -

What Some Top affiliates say about it?

Those who are promoting semrush for years knows about its affiliate program just like the back of their hand.

Take a look what some top berush affiliates talk semrush affiliate program (featured on HomePage) -

1. Harsh Agarwal ( Founder of ShoutmeLoud) -

2. Robbie Richards (Well Known SEO expert) -

3.  Anil Agarwal ( 10+ Years experience in Blogging)-

4.  Sandeep Mallya ( owner of startupcafe digital & 99signals) -

Well, What about some good alternatives?

No doubt, SEmrush is a great product and it offers an awesome affiliate program for bloggers.

but what about some good alternatives to promote along with semrush? In case, one wants another option due to pricing or in need of a specific tool so you can recommend an alternative.

So, here are 3 good semrush’s alternative affiliate programs that also pays you good recurring commissions as well as good product to promote -

1. SpyFu affiliate Program -

spyfu affiliate program

SpyFu is a well-known competitor research tool in the industry and also affordable for bloggers. In fact, the starting price is only $39/mo and $33 if paid annually which results in more conversion rates.

Here are some important features of spyfu affiliate program -

  • 40% Recurring Lifetime Commission
  • 365 days long cookie Life
  • No Need to use awkward affiliate Links
  • Payment twice a month via paypal or wire transfer 

2.  Mangools Affiliate Program (KwFinder)

magools affiliate program

kwfinder is one of the best keyword research tools. It’s dedicated to especially for keyword research.  For one, who mainly wants to perform keyword research only, it’s a good and affordable alternative.

The starting plans only costs you $29/mo if paid annually and $49/mo if paid monthly.

it’s a part of mangools that offers 5 different SEO tools. So, you need to join mangools affiliate program in order to promote kwfinder.

Some Essential features - 

  • 30% lifetime recurring commission paid once a month 
  • 30 days cookie life
  • No approval process for affiliate registration

3. SerpStat Affiliate Program - 

SerpStat comes with a complete SEO toolkit to do every seo task from site audit, rank tracking keyword analysis to backlink analysis.  it’s an affordable alternative to semrush, the Lite Plan only costs $69/month. ( As of now, there’s also a 20% discount going on due to anniversary sale.)

Some important features of Serpstat affiliate program -

  • 30% Recurring Commissions 
  • Payout once a month on reaching a minimum threshold of $50
  • 30-day cookie life

Moreover, if you want to pay for Serpstat plans from your affiliate’s earning, then the balance will be multiplied by 1.5x.

But the worse part? you’ll only start getting 30% commission only when you cross 20 payments. 

Note : You need to signup for serpstat in order to promote serpstat as an affiliate

FAQs About Berush Affiliate Program -

1. Is semrush affiliate program free to join?

Yes, It's complete free to join ! as well as it pre approves all applications. 

2. Can we make good money from semrush affiliate program?

Yeah, of course you can !! Many people are generating a good amount of revenue from it every month. 

3.  Is it mandatory to subscribe a semrush paid plan to promote it as an affiliate?

No, it's not required but highly recommended to only promote those products which you've used personally. you can also enjoy free trial.

4.  Is it really good affiliate program?

Really, SEMrush offers an amazing affiliate program with exclusive promo-materials, features and support. 

Final Words -

After reading this post, I think you’ll agree if I say that berush is an awesome affiliate program & it offers an amazing product to promote.

So, If your blog cover topics that fall under the digital marketing umbrella then the semrush affiliate program is perfect for you.

What do you think about it? Leave a comment below !!!

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