15+ Best Off Page SEO Techniques {2020}

Do you want your webpage on the front page of google?

Of course, Your answer will be a big ‘Yes’.  Everyone dreams ! 

So if you are in a little bit competitive niche then only on page seo isn’t enough. You have to use some latest off page seo techniques like building links if you want to actually rank higher on google.  

Off page seo stands for the seo efforts that you do outside of your website to improve your Serps Positions instead of optimizing your content or website. 

In fact, there are various off page factor but the backlinks and social signals are the major one.. So, you have to build high quality backlinks and send social signals to your website. 

In some cases, you may also rank without off page seo and with the power of on page seo and internal linking strategy and high quality content if the keyword is really very low competitive. 


I’m gonna break down 15+ Advanced ​off page seo techniques 2020 that will boost your search rankings and traffic. 

So, without further delay 

Let’s dive in the post right now ..

15 + Advanced Off Page SEO techniques 2020 

off page seo techniques 2020

1. Brand building, No. 1 Off page SEO technqiue

Believe me or not, 

If your website’s branding is good, it will give you a huge benefits in Google rankings. You will rank higher in google even with low backlinks count than your competitor if you really produce high quality content.

When someone direct search your website name in google or any other query with your website/brand name, it will send a strong signal to Google that you are well known brand & and your ranking will improve automagically.

For example, If you are looking for shoes and you search with brand name like nike shoes. Now, nike will get a ranking boost for general term shoes. 

If you are mentioned on other websites in your niche i.e.- your interview on other websites, participated in expert roundup, it is also a great positive signal. 

The recent google core algorithm update refers to E.A.T. 

  • E - Expertise
  • A - Authority
  • T  - Trust

If your website isn’t trustworthy, You are not going to rank well in search engines.

So, if you want to stand out from the crowd, start focusing on your website’s branding.  #blogging #seo #contentmarketing

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You should consistently produce high quality content and promote it in the right way. You also need to be active on social media and engage with community. In this way, People will start talking about you that will give you a great result. 

Here’s an ultimate guide to building online brand and authority  By Neil Patel.

2. Guest Posting still works like Charm

Guest POsting

Source : Ahrefs

In simple words, Guest Posting refers to publishing your post on someone else’s Blog/website. 

Guest Posting always works like a charm to increase your brand awareness as well as getting Powerful Backlink to your website. 

Let’s understand it,

Suppose, I guest post on multiple Blogs in my niche. You see my guest post on 2-3 blogs that you regularly visit. Your reaction will be like, “oh, Rajat is also here”. 

Now you know that I exist, most of the chances you will search more about me, you will visit my website and so on… 

Isn’t it?

It will directly give a boost to your branding as well as your traffic.  I’ve recently talked regarding importance of building brand at above section. 

Guest Posting is also one of the best methods to build Powerful backlink to your website and to increase website’s traffic.

There are various ways to find websites to submit your guest post. One of the easiest ways to find guest posting websites in your niche is just by doing a simple google search. 

Here’s how -

Use these search strings to find guest post websites in your niche that accepts guest posts. Put your niche/topic instead of keyword. 

Keyword + “Guest Post”

Keyword + “Submit Guest Post”

Keyword + “Write for us”

Keyword + “Submit an article”

Keyword + “Contribute to our site”

Keyword + “this post was written by”

Keyword + “guest author”

Keyword + “become an author”

Keyword + “suggest a post”

And so on …..,.

In this way, you can find many websites in your niche that accepts guest post.  

By the way, if you want to save your time, Anil Aggarwal sir has shared 250 free guest posting websites (categorized). Check it out.

Now It’s time to pitch Blog owners for guest post. 

Once you are allowed to submit your guest post,  Create an amazing blog post that is extremely valuable for their blog readers to make sure your post is published on big sites as well as you get the maximum benefits out of it. 

3. Update Old Blog Posts 

I know it is a part of on page seo and this post is dedicated to off page seo techniques. But I’m including it because it has become much more effective and also without solid on page seo, off page seo isn’t effective.

If you aren’t updating your old blog posts, you are missing low hanging fruits. 

Creating new amazing blog posts requires a lot of effort. By updating your old blog posts, you can boost your traffic and rankings even without creating a new piece of content. 

Google loves updated information. Isn’t it? 

Old pages have more ranking capabality than new pages but if it’s outdated then google will definitely punish it by decreasing its rankings. 

As well as it will also help you to get more clicks in serps. People more often click on recently published posts. 

Pretty cool ! Right?

off page seo techniques

Image Source : BloggingX

4. Backlink Audit

backlink audit

Backlinks is the major factor to skyrocket your search engine rankings.  Right? 

But, You know what?

Instead of improving your search rankings, Sometimes Bad backlinks may result in decreasing your rankings and will prevent your website to climb serps position. 

So you have to disavow bad backlinks of your website periodically. You need to do backlink audit. 

You should take a look whether there is any manual action penalty to your website. To check it, Just head over to google search console and go to manual action. 

Even if you are not affected by google penalty yet you’re recommended to check toxic links to your website from time to time and disavow them.  also when you go for expired domain it’s highly recommended to check it. 

You can make use of semrush to easily find out toxic links to your website even in free version of semrush.  Click this exclusive link to get 7 days pro trial for FREE !!!

First of all, open semrush and login with your account.  Go to Project>Backlink audit then put your domain name and hit the start backlink audit button. 

Backlink Audit

Now you have to connect it with you search console account. 

It’ll start analyzing your website backlinks and give you a report about trustworthiness of backlinks and and suggest you to remove toxic links. 

You can use advanced filters to filter backlinks as you need to review  

So, create a list of all backlinks with high toxicity score and add them to remove list. These are the links that are decreasing your search rankings. 

Now, it’s time to request google to Disavow all these links.  That’s all you need to do to..!

By the way, if your website’s toxicity score is low then  you don’t need to worry about it. 

5. Competitor Backlink analysis

Competitor backlinks analysis is essential for any link building campaign.  Many of your competitors are already doing well in serps ranking as well as you may getting outranked by them.

You know what?  They have made proven strategies for you that will actually work. 

Why not replicating the same strategy even better? 

Find out what’s working for your competitor, what’s making them strong? You need to find the top most influential backlinks of your competitor which results in their Higher rankings and search traffic. 

I will recommend you to  read this complete guide to competitor backlink analysis By Robbie Richards.

6. Press Releases

You may have heard this word “Press Releases” First time. Well, Let’s Understand it. 

What is Press Releases?

In simple words, Press releases refers to writing about an event , news and distributing it to New publishers.  It is picked up by news publisher and published. 

That’s it ..! 

How it will help you in SEO?

Press Releases will give you a huge benefits in SEO. Let’s understand “how?”

Publishing information about your company or website on big news website is really very beneficial. 

Backlinks is one of the biggest head-caches for bloggers.

Press releases results in generating high quality do follow backlinks to your website quickly. As well as these links are totally naturally. 

It will not only help you to generate huge amount of backlinks. 

The second one hidden huge benefit is Press releases results in Brand awareness and brand search queries. 

If you are playing with seo, no need to explain the importance of branded search queries. 

Always keep in mind to distribute press releases to only  relevant sources. If you aren’t good at writing press releases, you can simply outsource it. 

Warning : -  Press releases is a good idea to generate high numbers of natural backlinks quickly But if not done in the right way, your website may be penalized by google. So, it is always advised to use no follow backlinks in press releases otherwise you are inviting google penalty. 

7.  Social Bookmarking 

Social Bookmarking isn’t much effective in 2020 but still it will help you to index faster and getting targeted traffic to your website. 

I’ve previously explained what is social bookmarking and how can it help you in seo as well as Listed 49 social bookmarking site with high pr. Check it Out.

8. Influencer Outreach -

You are well known with the power of social media influencers. 

Well, What if they share your content?

Sounds Amazing?

According to Tomson Study,  Influencer marketing was rated as the fastest growing online customer acquisition channel that is beating organic search, paid search and email marketing. 

So if you are not doing influencer outreach after publishing your blog post, You are missing a big piece. 

Let me show you how you can execute it !

Here, I will use Buzzsumo tool. 

Open buzzsumo and enter seed keyword on which you created your content. Now you can see the most popular content on that topic. 

off page seo techniques

Click on “View Shares”. It will show you a list who’ve shared that content. 

You can filter it by influencers, bloggers and so on.. 

It’s time to outreaching them for their feedback or social share.  You can use below given email script. 

Hey {Name}, 

I follow you on twitter and noticed that you noticed that you retweeted an awesome article related to (Topic).

I’ve also written a similar post putting a lot of efforts that I just published and would love your feedback.  It matters a lot to me. 

Here’s the post - [Post Link]

I’m sure that you’ll love it. 

Keep rocking !



That’s all you need to do..! you can write a better email yourself to stand out from the crowd.

Make sure your content is super amazing to leverage this technique and getting the most out of it. 

9. Social Media Promotions

Social Media Promotion

There are over 4 million blog posts published in a single day. Your content needs to be amazing as well as you have to promote it hard to stand out from the crowd. 

Well Said, Content is King But distribution is the Queen . 

So Don’t sit after hitting publish Button, Promote it as hard as possible . Let your potential readers know that your content exists ! 

Promote it in facebook groups, email newsletter as well as outreach and so on..

Click here to read the complete beginner’s  guide to promote your blog by blogging wizard. 

10. Repurpose Content

content repurpose

I can understand that you can not create multiple piece of content for various platforms like Linkedin, Instagram and so on.. 

The only solution is “Repurposing content”.

So that you can get maximum benefits of your efforts and extend the life of every article you write. 

Repurposing your content has numbers of advantages -

It will help you to reach new audiences. Some people use instagram, some of them linkedin etc… so repurposing your content will help you to reach to the maximum people. 

If you repurpose your content on various platforms, you will see a boost in your seo. 

By putting your content on various platforms will automatically increase your brand awareness as well as direct traffic to your site. 

It’ll also help you get some extra authority and will raise your profile in the industry as an Expert. 

Here’s How you can smartly repurpose your blog content -

  • Create videos and upload it to youtube.
  • Turn video’s audio to podcast episodes
  • Create Blog outlines as slideshare presentation
  • Republish your blog content on medium/linkedin with canonical tag back to your website
  • Use particular piece of your blog content as quora answers 
  • Create infographic of blog content summary and submit it to infographic directories

11. Blog Commenting

Blog commenting sounds like silly outdated technique. You will be thinking like, “Rajat, It is about 2020." You will not rank with the help of toxic comment Links.” 

Well, I’m not saying you to do blog commenting only for the sake of building links and expecting to see a big boost in the search rankings. 

Blog commenting has its lot of benefits besides getting a backlink if you use it in a right way. Below, I’ve listed some. 

Benefits of Blog Commenting -

  • No doubt, Connecting with influencers in your industry is a goldmine itself and skyrocket your growth. Blog commenting is a great way to connect with influencers. 

  • If you do it properly, it will help you to drive some targeted visitors to your website. 

  • The next benefit is that it will give you a boost to your new website. It is a great way to get your blog noticed in 2019. 

  • The last one is backlink. Although these are very low quality and no follow links But still these links will help you a little bit as well as you need to keep the ratio of do follow and no follow. 

12. Forum Marketing

Forums like quora, warrior may be a goldmine to grow your blog. Believe me or not, Quora is a traffic machine for bloggers as well as it will help you to build your authority. 

Here’s Why you should use Quora and other forums as a blogger- 

  • Free Referral Traffic 

  • Build authority

  • Endless Content Ideas 

  • Instant Traffic

  • Long term traffic

At the end, I would like to say that if you are not using quora to promote your blog/website, you are missing a great opportunity. 

It totally depends on you how smartly you use it to get the most out of it. If you directly promoting your blog, you are not doing well. 

You should help out people, answer the questions and put your links naturally. Smartly repurpose your content on quora. . 

Don’t put your links if it’s not looking naturally.

Read this ultimate guide to quora marketing By Ankit Singla. 

13. Add RSS Feed Subscription

rss feed

Actually, Adding RSS feed subscription box will not directly impact in your serps ranking. But it will help you to get more returning visitors and increasing engagement with visitors as well as it also helps you to index your site faster.

You can see rss feed subscription box on most of the reputable blogs in your niche. 

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. It allows users to keep track on different websites and receive updates from their favourite websites through feed readers like feedly, omea reader etc. ..

RSS Feed subscriber are just like your email or messenger subscribers. In this case, you don’t have control to connect with them direct. So, you can't send promotional messages. 

14. Build Trust

Trust is a pillar of seo. Your website should be trusted in the eyes of both; google and user Always provide high quality content and should address for what reader is looking for. Don’t try to mislead user by attractive headlines and poor quality content also never promote any product/service that’s not good for your readers.

SSL is the most common and mandatory nowadays and I’m sure that almost all of you guys use ssl on your website. It makes sure ueres that their data stay private and secured so that they can put their sensitive information like phone number, credit card etc.. feeling more secure. 

Check Your website’s DA and PA  that will show you how trusted is your website in Google’s Perspective. 

To check and build user’s trust you can ask your customers for reviews. You may have a facebook page where they connect, leave reviews and stay up to date. Positive or negative; whatever they feel, ask to leave a feedback. 

15. Voice Search Optimization, Latest Off Page SEO Technique

off page seo techniques

Voice search is going to dominate it. Right? By 2020, 50% of the searches will be voice searches. 

That’s Huge..! Voice search optimization is SEO trend of 2020. So, if you don’t consider to optimize your content for voice searches, you are wrong. 

Here are some tips to optimize your content for voice search -

  • Write in natural and conversational language
  • Make your website lighting speed
  • Answer very specific queries in 25-30 words
  • Make sure page is mobile friendly
  • Focus on local searches
  • Optimize for featured  snippet
  • Must add FAQs

In Fact, it is also a on-page seo practice !​​​​​​​

16. Link Baiting

Have you ever heard about link baiting? Let me know in the comment box !

Link baiting is just to create such an evergreen outstanding content to acquire huge amount of backlinks automatically. It is specially designed to generate links. 

It may be an in-depth guide, case study, research, controversial or something else. 

In fact, it’s not easy to create such a linkable content. It takes a lot of effort and time to create an outstanding content (Link bait)  but it pays off. 

Here’s a Simple guide to create linkbait by Moz.

Wrapping Up

If you follow these off page seo techniques, I’m sure that it will help you to get higher rankings in google but you need to actually implement to get results.

Which one of the above mentioned off page seo techniques you are going to implement first in 2020? Let me know in the comment box !

One Request !

If you found this post helpful, please don’t be lazy to hit the share button.  I’ve put so much effort writing this blog post to provide valuable information. 

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  1. Hey Rajat,

    You have written a great piece brother, you have included almost every method of doing Off page SEO here. If I talk about my favorite off page seo method, Influencer Outreaching is my favorite. Yes it is, that we don’t get positive result every time, but still this is one of the best method for gating quality backlinks.

    Thanks for sharing these very helpful techniques. keep posting this kind of stuff.

    -Mishal Soni
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  2. you have written this article very well. you explained line by line clearly.
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    here you have to do off page seo to rank very well in the search engines. you explained the powerful ways to do affiliate marketing.

    very good article. keep up this awesome work bro.

    • Yeah, Everyone getting smart day by day so only on page is’t enough to survive ! Thanks for your valuable comment.


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