{Actionable Guide}I bought a domain, Now what?

I bought a domain now what

“I Bought a domain, now what?” Feeling Confused?

When i started my first blog, I selected my niche and bought a domain name from GoDaddy but I had no idea what to do next? As I was completely new to blogging. 

So I called my friend and asked, “Hey, I bought a domain name, Now what? I want to start my own self hosted blog.” 

So, he helped me to setup my first website. 

If you’ve also taken the first step to start a blog by purchasing a domain name and now, wondering what to do after buying a domain name from godaddy or anywhere else…

You are at the right place … 

In this post, I’m gonna explain to you 9 essential steps you need to take after Buying a domain name to build your website. 

Keep Reading … 

I bought a domain now what ? Essential things to do ! 

Without further delay, Let’s explore the essential steps that you need to take after purchasing a domain name –

1. Get the Right web hosting { buy space on the internet for your website }

Note : You can skip this step if you have already purchased a web hosting.

If you want to build your website/blog, The first thing you need to do after buying a domain name is to purchase a right web hosting. 

 If you don’t know what is a web hosting? Let me explain with you an easy example :-

A Domain name is like a address of a offline retail store and a web hosting is like your shop or furniture where you store your products to sell. 

In a nutshell, Web hosting is an online space where you will store your online business data i.e.- blogposts, images and so on

When it comes to web hostings, there are hundreds of hosting providers. Most of the domain providers also provide web hosting. But i don’t recommend you to go for it as they’re not good at all. 

Also never ever go for any free or very cheap web hosting or you’ll only waste your few dollars. 

I’ll suggest you to Get started with bluehost as it’s reliable as well as affordable. 

Why bluehost ?

Bluehost provides one of the best reliable web hosting at affordable prices starting at just $2.79 or INR 199 per month. Here’s why I recommend  bluehost –

  • Affordable Price 
  • Officially recommended by WordPress 
  • 30 days money back guarantee 
  • One click wordpress installation 
  • Easy to use 
  • Endorsed by top industry players Like Neil Patel, PAtt Flynn and others
  • 24/7 Support 
  • Excellent uptime 
  • And so on…

Explore Bluehost Plans

3. Connect domain name with hosting

If you purchased hosting and domain from the same company, you need not to do it manually. 

Otherwise, if you have purchased domain and hosting separately. 

For example, If you purchased domain from godaddy and hosting from bluehost  so you have to connect domain with hosting manually, Here’s how you can do it easily –

Step 1. – Find out your web hosting dns information. Once you purchase hosting from bluehost, you’ll get an email instantly with dns information. It will look like- 



Step 2 – Login to your godaddy account 

Step 3 – Click on “manage my domains” and then select domain

Step 4 – Under the nameserver section use these custom nameservers. 

That’s it.. 

It may take upto 24 hours to take effect.

Let’s move forward,  

3. Install WordPress

Now it’s time to install a cms(content management system) software to manage and maintain your website. 

WordPress is the most popular and easy to use cms software. I will not go in depth of it. In a nutshell, you need to install wordpress on your website  

Once you’ve assigned a domain with your c panel you can easily install wordpress with one click. 

In bluehost c panel, just click on install wordpress icon and then select the domain on which you want to install it then enter details wordpress admin login username and password.

After doing it, you can easily access your wordpress dashboard.  

4. Install & Customize theme

When you will install wordpress then there will be a theme by default with a rough look design that you need to change. 

There are plenty of free templates out there that you can use on your website But i will not recommend you to go for a free template as they are not optimized well like design, mobile friendly and in seo perspective. 

If you ask me then i will suggest you to go for Generate press premium theme that i use on my every website even on this. 

Generate press comes with free and paid versions but for the free version there are some limited features so i will suggest you go for the premium version. 

Here’s why Generate press is my favourite template –

  • Light weight
  • Mobile friendly 
  • SEO Friendly 
  • 24/7 Support 
  • Simple and beautiful design 
  • And many more .. 

Or you can explore more premium themes at elegant themes.

5. Setup Professional Email Address

Now, I recommend you to create a custom professional email address for your website. 

A professional email address looks like [email protected]. For instance, my email address for this website is [email protected]

An email address created in gmail like [email protected] doesn’t sound good and professional. 

Then why not create a custom email address even if you haven’t to pay a single dollar extra as you purchased web hosting and domain already that sounds more professional, more brandable and easy to promote. 

Right ?

So how do you create a custom professional email address within a few minutes?

Before purchasing any web host make sure it provides you c panel, email and everything you need. 

In the case of bluehost, it offers you c panel to emails and everything you need.

Step 1. – Login to C panel of your bluehost 

Step 2. – open the email accounts tool 

Step 3. – Now select your desired email address as the first word. You can also create multiple email addresses like info, support and contact etc.. you can also increase the size of mailbox storage if you want. 

Step 4 . – Hit the create and finish button 

Done..! you have created a custom professional email address. You can also forward these email addresses to your primary email if you want to receive all emails at one place. Otherwise, you can leave here. 

You’ve completed 5 essential steps to do after buying a domain name. Let’s move forward –

6. Add Important Pages

You need to Publish some important essential pages on your website 

Here are few other essential important pages to publish on your website –

  • About us – On this page you need to add information about you and about your website i.e. – what readers should expect from your website.  I will recommend you to check this 6 step formula to write attractive about me page Ankit Singla ! 
  • Contact us – Here you can add some contact details i.e- email or contact form so that one can contact you. 
  • Privacy policy – On this Page you need to mention how you collect, store and utilize the personal information provided by user.
  • Disclaimer – It is a good thing to have a disclaimer page on your website. In fact, All websites should contain disclaimer so that you’re not taking responsibility.
  • Affiliate disclosure{ in case you do affiliate marketing}  – if you’re promoting a product as an affiliate, you should must be transparent about it.

7.  Essential Plugins you need to install –

Plugins are what makes wordpress so amazing. There are tons of awesome plugins that make  your works so easy and you can make whole site according to you./ 

Here’ve I’ve listed few essential plugins that you need to install –

Gutenburg block editor – Few months back, I was using classic editor but when one of my blogger friend recommended to use gutenberg, I gave it  try !

Really, it’s amazing and very simple so that any beginner can use it very easily. In fact, on this blog i use thrive architect to design some blog Posts.

Rankmath – This is the best and only seo plugin that you need to install. It’s really quite amazing plugin that makes your site fully seo optimized. In fact, I and also many seo experts shifted to rankmath from yoast seo. 

Limit login attempts –  this is a wordpress security plugin that will help you to make your website more secure.  Brute force attack is one of the most common attack in which a hacker tries different different combination of username & passwords. So, by the help of this plugin you can limit the rate of login attempts very easily.

For Additional security of your website, I will also suggest you to change wp-admin login url in wordpress that helps you to protect from most common brute force attack.

Insert header & footer – Many times you need to put jmanual code in your website’s headers or footer section like integrating analytics, search console etc..  so this plugin will easily do all the work for you even if you don’t have any idea about coding. 

W3 total cache – This is one of the best caching plugin that will help you to make your website load faster. 

ShortPixel – It’s an awesome image compression plugin that automatically compresses images very effectively so that your page loads faster. It comes with free & paid versions both but I’ll suggest you to go for the free version later if you like, you can upgrade it. Smush is also a free best alternative or you can also upload images after compressing from the sites like compressjpeg that is also a good option but time consuming. 

8. Write Your First Blog post –

I think you have customized most of the things so it’s time to write & publish your first awesome blog post. 

If you don’t know how to write a good blog post, you should read this guide by Akshay hallur and these 9 easy steps by my friend sumit sao. 

9. Add Your Website to Search Console –

GSC (google search console) formerly known as google webmaster tool is a free amazing tool that almost every SEOs use but only some use it effectively. 

Google Search Console

Here you can keep an eye on your website’s performance like organic ctr, clicks impressions, mobile friendliness. It will also notify you if there’s any issue or manual penalty on your website. 

In the search console you can easily submit your sitemap or request to index an individual url. 

That’s not all ….. There’s a lot of things you can do with the search console. You can check out the definitive guide  to google search console by brian dean. 

10. Submit sitemap to search console

I will highly recommend you to create and submit an xml sitemap so that it makes it easier for Google to find all your site’s pages. 

You can easily create it by rankmath or yoast seo and then submit it to the search console. Here’s how you can submit your xml sitemap to the search console. 

Step 1 – When you have created your website’s sitemap, just head over to search console.

Step 2 – Here, on the left side you will see an option of sitemaps under index. just click on it .

Step 3 – Now here you need to enter your sitemap url after your website’s address as you can see your website url is already default set.

Step 4 – After entering url you need to click on submit button. it will take a few seconds and will show you a success messages.

and that’s it …

Bonus Step : Create Social media Profiles

Yeah, I know i said you to do 9 things in headline – “I bought a domain, Now what? (9 Essential Steps to take)

But here is a bonus step that i suggest you to take. you need to create professional social media profiles for your website Like Facebook Page, twitter, youtube channel etc…

It’s good for your website’s branding in many ways. Make sure to be active and upload useful relevant content also there.

Congratualtions !

You’ve successfully done all the essential steps. This is exactly how do you create a website once you have a domain?

I think I have solved your query, “i bought a domain, now what?

So, take these essential steps and start your own blog right now & also explore 9 common ways to generate revenue from your blog.


It’s not the end. In fact, you’ve started your journey. You will face many small issues in starting so join our facebook community to connect with other like-minded people and get your doubts & questions solved.

If you still have any query or doubt, just leave a comment below. and if this post is addressed what you were looking for, say me thanks in the comment box !!!!!


What you can do with a domain.

Generally, People buy domains to create their websites. Moreover, you can create professional email address, flip it, redirect and so on…

How do I permanently own a domen name?

you can’t generally buy it permanently as you need to register it on yearly basis. And it expires if you don’t renew.

Can You just buy a domain name without Hosting?

Sure, You can! But you need a hosting to create a self-hosted blog.

What is the bestplace to buy a domain?

GoDaddy & Namecheap are the two most popular and reliable providers.

What’s the difference between a hosting and a domain?

In simple words, domain is just like the location of your shop and hosting refers to the online space where you store your products i.e. content.

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    Best regard!

  2. Rajat,

    I appreciate your inputs. Usually, when we walk through blog posts on “how to start a blog”, it never uncovers creating an email or connecting nameservers, or configuring GA or GSC. You have uncovered almost everything to get started with a WordPress blog. Great!


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