[Solved] How to change Login email address in blogger ?

Want to change email address for blogger login? 

If Yes,

You are at the right spot. Here, I’m gonna show you the exact method How to change email address for blogger login. 

There may be different reasons that made it necessary to change login email address in blogger. 


Possible Reasons may be following –

  • Maybe you have applied AdSense account with another email address and you want to connect your blog with that email id.

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  • You want to sell your blog but don’t  want to provide your primary email address.that’s why you are looking for How to change Login email id in Blogger. 
  • You’ve created your blog with any random email id and now you feel to associate it with your primary or more genuine email id.
  • In Case, you have more blogs and all are associated with different email addresses then it may be difficult to manage all, So you want to associate all with one email id that will make it easier to manage all with one dashboard. 

Let me know in the comment box, Is the reason one of the above mentioned or any other?

In fact, Blogger doesn’t provide any option to change your login email id directly. But Here’s a method so that you can still change blogger login email address. Just follow the below mentioned steps ! 


Changing Login Email id in Blogger –

change login email address in blogger

As mentioned above blogger doesn’t permit to change email id directly but still you can do it. So, follow the below GIven Steps –


1. Go to Blogger.com and sign in with email id which you want to change.

2. Now Go to Settings>Basics, and scroll down to permission section. In permission section, you will find Blog authors.

change blogger login email address

3. Click on Add Authors button and put the email address that you wish to change with it & Hit invite authors button.

4. Now check your email address and accept the invitation.

5. Once the invitation is accepted, your new email id will be display as Author. You have change is to admin.

6. The final Step, Login to blogger account with new email id & again go to Settings>Basic and remove your old email address from blog authors by simply hitting cross icon..

That’s all you need to do..! 

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Final Words – 

As far as I know, it is the only & best way to change login email address in blogger. So, now you have successfully changed blogger login email id. 

Let me know in the comment box the reason behind changing login email address of Blogger Account.

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