17 Best Blogs to Learn Blogging ( 2020 )

Many New Bloggers come to the Blogging industry every day. But you know what? Very few of them really make any profit from it.  

If you want to achieve something in blogging, you need to make sure that you’re Learning From the right resources


In this Blog Post, You will find 17 Amazing Blogs to Learn Blogging that will help you to succeed at Blogging. 

Let’s Dive in right now…

17 Best Blogs About Blogging ( HandPicked By Rajat Agnihotri)

1. Bloggingx


BloggingX is founded by Akshay hallur who is a well known professional blogger, affiliate marketer, and trainer in India. 

He shares actionable, Proven and smart strategies that will give  a boost to your online journey. 

I literally became a fan of his articles just when I first time landed on his blog. This Blog as seen on renderforest, templatemonster, databox, and many others. 

If you’re an aspiring Blogger then I will recommend you to must follow this blog to excel your blogging skills.

2. MasterBlogging


On MasterBlogging, You can find very engaging & High-Quality content around Blogging, SEO & affiliate Marketing in an easy to understand & digestible way. 

This Blog is owned by Ankit Singla, Who dived into blogging around 11 years back and now he is a Full-Time Blogger and making a living from it. 

Blogging Helped him to go from broke to speaker at marketing conferences and get featured on news magazines like NDTV Prime, YourStory, The Huffington Post, and many others. 

He also has a youtube channel where you can find awesome videos in Hindi.

3. MatthewWoodward.co.uk

matthew woodward

This blog is an award-winning internet marketing blog started in 2012 By Matthew Woodward who is building websites even before google and youtube came into the market. 

It’s one of my most favorite blogs about SEO and blogging. The content on this blog is super engaging and valuable. 

The popularity of this blog helped Matthew to speak on international stages. It has also been featured on big names in the industry like entrepreneur, inc, yahoo, and so on.. 

He also runs a seo agency searchlogistic. 

Follow his blog for practical and easy to follow blogging, seo guides from a 7 figure blogger.



Another awesome blog in this list is BloggersPassion by Anil Agarwal who is a professional blogger from Gurgaon, Bharat (India).

He started this blog back in 2010 and now he is generating over $10k+ monthly consistently. You can also check out income reports on his blog to get motivation and to know how He was able to do it. 

Bloggerspassion has been featured on semrush, ProBlogger, jeffbullas, Lifehack, Crazyegg, and Few more authoritative websites in the industry. 

Anil Sir has also recently launched two paid ebooks on keyword research & affiliate marketing . 

You should follow this blog if you want to learn how to make real money from blogging from a person who has real-life experience in it and knows his stuff like the back of his hand.

5. ProBlogger.com


ProBlogger.com is a blog for bloggers to help them become a pro blogger by a pro blogger Darren Rowse. He Dived into blogging in 2002 as a Hobby Blogger but in 2005 he turned into a full-time blogger. 

He started Pro Blogger back in 2004 to share his blogging experiences that will be helpful for aspiring bloggers. 

And Currently, There are over 8,000+ extremely helpful articles Published on his blog since 2004 around blogging tips, guides, tutorials, etc.. 

That’s Huge ..! Isn’t it ?

For those who don’t like to read, you can listen to problogger podcast episodes. 

Apart From this, if you’re looking for freelance/remote/contract based work, you can find many opportunities at ProBlogger job board.

6. ShoutmeLoud.com


ShoutmeLoud is the most popular blog about blogging in Bharat (India) with over a million page views each month and a huge fan base. Many Bloggers started blogging inspiring by Harsh Agarwal, Man behind Shoutmeloud. 

You can find endless blogging, SEO, affiliate marketing, WordPress, etc.. guides on shoutmeloud. Since 2008 to the present it has won numerous awards and helped Harsh to feature on international media.  

As of Now, He is making over $35k monthly and living a boss free life also Helping others to do the Same through his blog. 

7. BloggingJoy.com


Santanu Sir has published many articles around blogging, wordpress etc.. that are really very helpful. 

He is blogging as a part-time for his passion and to make an extra source of income. Professionally, He is a developer working for an MNC Company. 

His interest in blogging/WordPress and to share his blogging experience is the reason why he started bloggingJoy back in 2017. And now, he is making a handsome amount of extra income from blogging.

8. BlogTyrant.com


BlogTyrant is a team at awesomemotive including successful bloggers, WordPress experts, and more.  The same people behind wpfroms, monsterinsights, optinmonster etc.. 

This blog was started back in 2010. Since then, it has been a popular place for tested and proven blogging, seo & email marketing strategies.

It has also been seen on forbes,  neil patel, copyblogger and few other big websites. 

The Cool Part? You can easily navigate to wherever you want with it’s well structured and organized user interface.

9. BloggingWizard.com


Bloggingwizard is a go-to resource for both beginners and intermediate bloggers. Here you can find lots of detailed articles to Boost your blog’s growth. 

This Blog was started by Adam Connell in 2012 and now it’s among the most popular blogs on the internet about blogging. It has been featured on Forbes, GoDaddy, inc., buffer, Microsoft and the list goes on… 

Adam Connell has pretty good experience in blogging and marketing that he shares on this blog. However, there is also some content written by contributors but only those who really know their stuff well.

10. QuickSprout.com


Neil Patel, One of the top digital marketers in the world launched this blog originally in 2008. However, this blog is handled by a team. 

If you’re in digital marketing, SEO, or content marketing for a while, I’m sure that you probably know him well ( at least a little bit). 

From setting up your website with WordPress to Growing it and scaling it to the next level with SEO, There are various super in-depth articles to help you out. 

It has been one of the most popular blogs in the digital marketing space and a one-stop solution for your blogging queries.

11. AuthorityHacker.com

authority hacker

If you’re looking for actionable online marketing Tactics that are easy to implement, Authority Hacker ( Both Blog & Podcast) is one of the best resources. 

It was founded by Gael breton and mark webster.

Especially, they focus on authority site models and make real money from it. They have a portfolio of many authority websites that have generated millions of dollars over time. 

Through AuthorityHacker, they have helped many others to do the same and even replace their jobs leveraging the potential of authority websites.

They also have their 2 Premium training programs. though, there is also much Free content available that is no doubt super helpful.

12. CopyBlogger.com


Engaging and high quality content is crucial if you want to make your blog succeed. 

So, CopyBlogger is one-stop destination for it. There are over 3000+ articles available on this website about copywriting, content marketing, and creating killer content. 

This blog was started in 2006 by Brian Clark who has real-life experience of over two decades in this content marketing. Though, now it’s a multi-author blog.

I will just say if you’re looking for practical guides to write better compelling copy, Must start following this blog right now.

13. BlogHerald.com


Blogging is ever-changing. So if you want to be a better blogger, you need to stay updated in the blogging world. 

Follow this blog to stay updated with latest news and releases along with some awesome blog tips and guides.

14. BloggingBasics101.com


As the name itself sounds, this blog covers every basic thing about blogging. But it absolutely doesn’t mean that there are no guides available for intermediate bloggers. It has also published some awesome stuff targeting intermediate bloggers. 

If you’re just getting started with blogging then this blog is the right place for you.

15. Ryrob.com


Ryrob is another awesome blog in this list with over 500k monthly readers. 

This Blog is founded By Ryan Robison who is a writer, part-time entrepreneur, and content marketing consultant. He launched this blog in 2014 and now it is making six figures USD for him. 

His writing has been featured in some great magazines like forbes, business insider, inc. etc.

It has covered everything about starting a blog, creating great content, Growing it using advanced blogging strategies.

16. StayMeOnline.com

Stay me online

Staymeonline is a fairly new blog compared to other blogs listed here. It was started in 20016 By ravi Dixit, An emerging  blogger and affiliate market in India. 

There are many actionable and easy to follow guides available on this blog for beginner bloggers.  He only shares the stuff that really works so if you’re new to blogging you should follow his blog. 

Ravi also takes help from his team also to run this blog for content & designing both.

17. BloggingCage.com


BloggingCage was started in 2012 by Kulwant Nagi, One of the most popular and well-known affiliate marketers and bloggers in India. 

Since 2012, it has been featured on neil patel, pro blogger, huffington post, and many other top blogs in the industry. 

This Blog gave Kulwant a great exposure in the blogging world and the opportunity to become a speaker at some good conferences like blogx, payoneer, ITM university and few others in this list. 

Similar to Blog tyrant, On blogging cage you can easily navigate to information you are searching for. 

This Blog has many guides to help you from starting a blog and turning it into a money-making profitable blog with the power of affiliate marketing.

Wrapping Up The List of Best Blogging Blogs

So, These are 17 awesome handpicked blogs by me that will help you to be a better blogger. 

How many Blogs do you already follow from this list? Which is your Favourite blog about blogging? Let me know in the Comment Box…!!!!

P.S. –  I will also try my best to make my blog DigitalAgnihotri eligible for these lists in the future by filling it with many actionable helpful Blog Posts. 

P.P.S. – If you found this post helpful, please don’t be lazy to give it a share!

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  1. Being a newbie, it becomes very difficult to find the authentic resources for information and implementation.

    All the blogs that you have listed above have very good information and a real guidance for beginner. You might be doing quite hard work for selecting and listing these since long as there are many blogs and you have listed among them.

    Thanks, keep sharing.


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