[100% Working] Google Adsense Approval Trick 2020 {Secret}

Not Getting Google Adsense Approval on your website? Searching for any Adsense approval trick 2020 ?

You landed at the right place ..!

Adsense is the best and most trusted advertising platform. but it’s very challenging  to get Adsense approval in 2020.

So, I’m Rajat Agnihotri and in this post, I’m gonna share with you some proven tips to get adsense approval on your website/blog.

Many people says that there are very less chances to get Adsense Approval on blogger.

Let me tell you,

Platform does not matters whether it is blogger or wordpress.

Believe me,

I’m sure if you follow these tips Adsense will never reject anymore.   I also got approval on my blogspot blog within 5 days.

Adsense Approval trick 2019
Adsense Approval Trick


So without further delay,



Let’s dive in the post …..

Adsense Approval Trick 2020

Some people searches on google ‘How to get google adsense approval in 1 minute’. Let me tell you there is no short trick or hack to get adsense approval but if you follow below given tips, it will definitely help you a lot.

I will also recommend you to take a look at adsense program policies.

Now, Let’s talk about adsense Approval tips.

1. Content  –

Content is the most important out of all so here are some things related to content  that you should keep in mind if you want to get you website adsense approved –

  • Adsense has not described that how much posts should be published while applying adsense but you should have minimum 15 posts published on your blog before applying adsense.
  • Articles should be high quality and fresh.
  • Articles should be 100% unique, if you are copying from anywhere then forget about approval. Google is stringent when it comes to dealing with plagiarism.

Read – Step-By-Step Guide To Write High-Quality Content For Your Blog

2. Important Pages –

Here are some important pages that your website must have –

  • About us
  • Contact Us
  • Privacy policy
  • Disclaimer

3.  Domain Age –

Don’t be too crazy to apply adsense. some people create blog and next day they start to search for Adsense approval trick .

first of all, give time to your blog, your domain should be at least 2 months old and post regularly on your blog.

you can post once a week, twice a week but maintain the regularity.

4. Theme/Template –

Make sure that your blog look is simple, it should not be more colorful. it would be look like a professional blog.  Your blog should be fully designer and your blog’s navigation bar should clean and clear.

Sidebar should be also absolutely fresh.

5. Organic Traffic –

Traffic is not a factor for adsense approval but if visitor are coming to your website by organic search that means that your blog is ranking on few keywords.

It is a positive sign that google consider while approving adsense.  Must checkout these 15+ Best off page seo techniques to improve your organic rankings so that you start getting organic trafic.

6. Use Tld –

Always connect TLD to your blog. it will also help you in ranking as well as getting approval from adsense.

what is tld ?

TLD means Top Level domain like .com, .in, .net etc..  Never Use domains like .tk, .ooo, etc..

You can also get approval on blogspot subdomain but i will never recommend because it makes url too long, That’s not good.

Note : –  if you are using .in domain then you are only targeting india so if you want to rank globally then make sure to use .com.

7. Don’t use other ad network –

if your website is monetize by other ad network like media.net then your website will not be approved by google adsense.


Adsense approval trick for blogger –

There’s no different tips for blogger. As I have already said that platform doesn’t matter whether it is blogger or wordpress.

Make sure that your blog is following adsense guidelines and follow these tips, you will definitely get adsense account approval.

Note : – Never sign up for adsense from blogger dashboard other wise you will get hosted adsense account. sign up from adsense official website.

Final Words –

I think, Getting approval from adsense is not a big task. If you follow these tips and your blog is following adsense guidelines then I’m sure you will not need to search for any Adsense Approval Trick.

So, I highly recommend you to read adsense program policies once.

P.S. –  Please don’t search queries like ‘How to get adsense approval in 1 minute‘.  There is no short trick or hack to get adsense approved, you will only waste your precious time.

PPS :- Adsense is not only the way to monetize your blog. I’ve written a post where I’ve explored 9+ real and proven ways to actually to earn money by blogging.

That’s not it …

In this post i have also answered frequently asked questions related to adsense.

So, keep reading…


   Adsense FAQs

1. Does Adsense pay for impressions ?

Ans. – Yeah ..! Adsense Pays for impressions, it is called RPM ( Revenue Per 1000 Impressions) .

2.  How much traffic  do you need for adsense approval ?

Ans. –  Actually, Traffic is not a factor to  getting approved by adsense but Adsense is useless without. you need a huge traffic to make enough money from adsense.

And if your website is getting some organic traffic, it’s a positive sign that make your website trusted that helps in getting approval.

3. How much Adsense Pay per 1000 views ?

Ans. This is the most popular question , asked by new bloggers. Let me tell you that adsense earning doesn’t depend on views, it totally depends on the cpc ( cost per click ) and rpm ( revenue per thousand impression ).

4. what is the minimum payout for adsense ?

Ans. – The minimum payout for adsense is $100.

5. Which is the best adsense alternative ?

Ans. – Media.net is the adsense alternative but it works well only in English content. Now, the privacy policies of media.net are also very strict.

6. Can i use adsense and affiliate both on a website ?

Ans .-  Sure..! you can but if you have a amazon affiliate website then i will not recommend to use because it will decrease conversion rate.

7. Can i use same adsense account for youtube and blogger ?

Ans . –  yeah..! definitely .




 I would love to hear your thoughts on adsense so leave a comment.  if you found this article helpful, then pls don’t forget to share it.

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  4. Thanks for sharing this great piece of content ! these tips will surely help me to get google adsense approval on my website.

    • Are you getting some organic traffic? How many posts you have written? is you website fully customized? Is your content not violating adsense guidelines like porn or hacking related? Have you created all important pages?


    Great post with effective tips and tricks for Adsense approval.

    Adsense is one of a popular advertising placement platform that allows the user to earn good commission, but getting adsense approval is quite harder and a challenging task. You have really suggested great and fast working tips to get adsense approval.

    To get an adsense approval it is really important to make more quality content along with important page and alluring website design. As we know that content is a king and plays a vital role. Focusing on themes and templates are also vital.

    Truly helpful post and thanks for sharing.


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