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digitalagnihotri.com started in Sept, 2019 By Rajat Agnihotri

About Rajat :-

Rajat Agnihotri is an emerging Blogger & SEO Expert in India. He owns multiple blogs and grows their traffic leveraging the Power of SEO. And through this blog, He shares practical Blogging & SEO guides for absolute beginners.

Rajat Agnihotri

My Story 

It will make you laugh that how I involved with online field.

First time when I was in class 11th, I installed Paytm in my father’s android phone but there was no cash in paytm wallet. So, I was absolutely new to paytm.

So I thought, Is there any way to get some free paytm cash only to test & use it.

then I opened youtube & searched like ‘free paytm cash’ etc. then i found endless videos where they tell about applications which pays for downloading apps & clicking ads.

I was surprised looking at thumbnails that Yes, it’s possible to get some free paytm cash. then i clicked on the videos which was claiming to make 10-20 INR per referral or installing apps etc.. But not clicking on the video which was claiming a huge amount to make money by these apps because it was sounding like scam to make so much money online.


I used to look at the numbers of the like that those videos were getting so much likes, views & comments etc…


It sounded amazing for me So, I started a youtube channel named technical rajat where i started uploading videos like free paytm cash and earn through applications.

I remembered well that my first video got 14 views and about 4 likes that was not what i was excepting but 4 likes made me happy and i regularly uploaded videos after school, coaching & self study.

Till then,

I didn’t know that we can also make money from it.

One day I thought that youtubers are working hard to make better and better video & thumbnail giving their valuable time etc.. but what they are getting in return of it .

then, I found that youtube is one of the best way to make money online.

After some time,

I realized that it is possible to earn money online then i tried different different methods like freelancing, uc news etc…

After some days,

I realized that there are only some genuine ways to make money online and blogging is one of the best way.

So that, I Started blogging.

After a couple of months,

My blogging basic and seo basic was completely clear and seeking for advanced things so I was and I am continuously learning something new. I’m always curious to learn something new.

I also enrolled for seo mafia by ripon and The Seo King course by abhit upadhyay and continuously will  increase my leanings.

Well said that The more you learn, the more you earn But Implementation is the key.

Let’s back to the point,

This way, I came to blogging and SEO. And I keep on learning to enhance my skills and explore this online marketing sea.

Then, I created my first blog related to mobiles on blogger even without adding a custom domain. because this was a very competitive niche, nothing was going to happen. so tried many things on blogger and Learned all essentials thing on blogger like writing articles, basic seo etc.

As per my experience, 

Here, I’m explaining 3 biggest mistake to avoid. 

The first,  Only consuming not executing –  In the beginning I was only watching more and more videos like writing seo optimized and great articles but not writing any article that’s why i wasn’t getting result. Again,  implement whatever you learn.

Second, Not learning from the right source – Yes..! Only Learn from the genuine persons.  when I was beginner, Some Youtubers were claiming to make thousands of dollars by autoblogging. They distract beginners. So, please never try a shortcut like copy paste trick etc.  Be Genuine.

And Third, focusing on multiple blogs – I’m highly recommending you not to start multiple blog at a time in starting otherwise you will not be able to be consistent on each blog.  So Find a low competitive niche and work only on it.  My best wishes with you !

So, This was my story as a blogger and SEO.

Thanks  for showing interest to know about me. My best wishes with you !


Any Query ? Contact me !

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